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Don´t miss this #3: Farrah – Swings & Roundabouts

In Don´t miss this on 21 September, 2010 at 23:34

Farrah is indeed an irresistable candy of a pop band!

They made their debut with a single 10 years ago and have thereafter released three critically acclaimed CDs, the latest being a self titled CD from 2010.

The four members – three guys and a fair lady on the bass! – are said to share little but a common and passionate search for the perfect pop song, a rumour I most certainly believe is untrue. But, hey – it´s a good pop rumour and this is the internet and such rumours do marry well over here!

On their Myspace site Farrah lists the more obscure Costello lookalikes The Jags, the brilliant Owsley, the mighty Linus of Hollywood and the wizard himself Jon Brion as some of its influences – besides the more expected Beach boys and Fountains of Wayne – a good indication on what Farrah is all about.

Anyway, here is the phenomenal title track from Farrah´s latest CD, Swings & Roundabouts, a given recommendation any day.

Pop on!


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