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Seth Swirsky – can he do nothing wrong?

In Okategoriserade on 22 September, 2010 at 21:18

Seth Swirsky
has had a long and successful career as a pop tunesmith. Already in 1980 he wrote – at the young age of 20 – jingles for national campaigns in the US and in 1988 he wrote Grammy nominated Tell It To My Heart (together with Ernie Gold), a world-wide smash hit for Taylor Dayne that stayed an awesome six months at the Billboard single chart. He has also written, either alone or with a partner, music recorded by such great artists such as Al Green (“Love is a beautiful thing”) and Celine Dion, just to mention a few.

With that CV, one might want to file him as a part of the international guild of modern songwriters such as the swedes Max Martin and Andreas Carlsson, delivering slick and not seldom bloodless hits for the commercial radio stations of the world. However, I can assure you that nothing could be more wrong!

His first CD, Instant Pleasure from 2005, is indeed a formidable popfest. Among the musicians you´ll find such nobilities as Andy Sturmer from Jellyfish as well as members from The Rembrants and Beck´s band. The songs are firmly rooted in the British pop tradition and where ever you wish to turn, you´ll bound to hear a jangly 12 string guitar and some sweet and delicate harmonies.

During 2007 Seth and fellow songwriter Mike Ruekberg recorded the excellent CD She´s about to cross my mind as The Red Button. On that CD, the anglophile twist is even more evident and no one can be surprised that it was voted the best – or one of the best – CDs of 2007 in several best of-lists all over the world – my own CD – as The Tor Guides – from that very same year was totally beaten to the punch!

Earlier this year he released his second CD, Watercolor Day. Someone found it strange that he didn´t spell the title in british english  – Watercolour day – but that was surely a deliberate choice. The record is nothing but a giant leap from his previous british influenced pop music to the sunshine pop of California and the great american pop song book, with Burt Bacharach, Harry Nilsson and Brian Wilson all in the driver´s seat.

In may the US magazine Goldmine nominated Watercolor day, flawlessly co-produced by Seth and Could Eleven´s Rick Gallego, as the first great powerpop CD of 2010. I won´t argue with that!

Besides his musical committment Seth is a very active and dedicated person, that well would wear the hat of The Renaissance man of 2010* – he is a well known authority in baseball and has released three books on that subject. He´s also written political commentaries in different medias and is currently finalizing his work with his biopic Beatles Stories – A Year in the Life, where the participants get to tell their own Beatles´ stories. Among the ca 110 persons that Swirsky has interviewed for the movie, you´ll find Susanna Hoffs, Rick Nielsen, Brian Wilson Graham Nash, Smokey Robinson and Donovan, all telling their own fab stories.

However, before we get to see Seth´s Beatles´ pic, we´ll have to make do with his own music, here exposed in my own Spotify Seth Swirsky´s playlist, and a great performance at this year´s IPO in Los Angeles.

Pure enjoyment is awaiting!

* I´ll get back to some other nominees later on.


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