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Don´t miss this #6: The Postcards – Go Jetsetter

In Okategoriserade on 28 September, 2010 at 08:51

Maybe it´s a down to Phil Spector? The bombastic productions with artillery’s of timpani drums and an orchestrated soundscapes that could make any grown man cry. The notion that pop music is not just a cute girl and a smart hook but rather the essence of an over the top life, all dressed up in a black suit.

The Postmarks from southern Florida (!) carry that old 60s torch with great respect. Their self-titled debut album, or maybe I should rather say LP, was released in 2007, to critical acclaim. They´ve also drawn attention from such nobilities as James Iha and Tahiti 80 who have done some  remixes of their music.

In 2008 the band released a series of cover songs, each one with a number in it´s title, and they were all collected on the album By the numbers. Among the tracks on that album you´ll find Nine Million Rainy Days by Jesus & the Mary Chain, Richard Roger´s standard Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, recorded by Mick Ronson on his first solo album, and Nancy Sinatra´s You only live twice.

In 2009 the band released its second album of originals, Memoirs at the End of the World, and from that album I´ve picked the great Go Jetsetter.



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