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Tuesday afternoon – why not in the porch swing?

In Okategoriserade on 28 September, 2010 at 08:21

If Monday is the day of the week where the peaceful and quiet sipping of a solid red wine seems the most far away, a nice Tuesday afternoon – why not in a porch swing? –  is obviously a giant leap forward. You could even claim that from that time, within only a mere day you may start to prepare yourself for the week´s second saturday, even though someone will most likely contest such a claim. Without a doubt, having left the dreary monday, Tuesday indeed brings on a new world, with promises of great things to come…

Many years ago I mistook a song by Sweden´s best bands – of all times! – for XTC. It was one of “their” best songs as well. That song may have nothing to do with today´s day, even though the following, second single was about another day of the week, or rather a different day of the week… We´ll have to come back to the great, great Beagle in a later post.

If you´re to be weekday crazy – which you not only may but shall be! – there are lots of songs dedicated to this very day:  Badfinger´s Sweet Tuesday Morning, the early Bowie´s Love You Til Tuesday and Stones´half psycho Ruby Tuesday just to name a few. You can even try to squeeze in Matthew Sweet and some of the songs on his marvellous Girlfriend , with actress Tuesday Weld on the cover. Or Aimee Mann, of Til Tuesday fame. However, today I will rather pick something else…

Another of my wonderful mistakes found me 1991 humming along to Paul McCartney´s new single, which I soon decided would be a H U G E comeback for him, after too many years of too-sweets and unbearable musicalizing. Little did I know then that the Maccas I was listening to were in fact residents of the rural Swedish town of Borlänge and soon would enter the unforgiving depths of forgottenness. Still, they made a great impact in the Swedish pop history with one of the best singles that has ever been produced over here, namely the fab Tuesday afternoon with Borlänge´s finest, one-hit-wonders Stonecake.


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