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Nowhere boy – see it!

In Okategoriserade on 1 November, 2010 at 13:57

I rented three DVDs last week. The first two were seen almost instantly, the first being Richard Gere´s and Lasse Hallstrom´s movie about a Japanese dog, leaving no eyes dry, the second the latest incarnation of Robin Hood, which was, well, as the previous versions (except for Mel Brooks´ version!). The third DVD hade to wait until my wife and son went on a holidays of their own but yesterday it was due.

Maybe I´m many bits too late – this is one of the problems with living in a non-english speaking country, the cultural wait! – but I still have to say that director Sam Taylor-Woods fantastic Nowhere boy, the story of the young John Lennon, phenomenally played and acted by 24-year-old Aaron Johnson, and with Kristin Scott-Thomas as the legendary aunt Mimi.

The movie starts of with a teenage Lennon and ends with him explaining to Mimi that he is off to Hamburg – or Humbug as Mimi describes it – with his new band. In between there is a credible and accurate story about a lost teenager, trying to find his way in life. The complicated relation between Lennon and his mother Julia and his aunt, with whom he grew up, feels honest and credible as well.

Paul McCartney and George Harrison are seen in the movie and if we for a moment assume that the story is historically sound – hmm, can you ever assume anything when you´re watching a movie or when reading a book? – there are loads of information that at least I didn´t know about since before.

Some trivia:

The soundtrack is excellent, with both classic 50s and 60s rock´n roll and recordings by Johnson and the movie´s Quarrymen. When the credits roll, you can tell that dance vamp Alison Goldfrapp is being credited for original music; even if I didn´t spot any Goldfrappian music in the movie, one can always wonder how she came to be involved as a music writer in a movie about Lennon?

During the shootings of the movie, Johnson and Taylor-Woods became “an item” and has since then married and become parents. With Taylor-Woods almost twice as old as Johnson, is there maybe a oedipean dimension hidden somewhere, with relevance to Lennon’s relations to Julia and Mimi? Only in the movies, on might say…

Yoko Ono has given thumbs up to Johnson´s portait of Lennon and given permission to use the Plastic Ono band classic Mother during the credits roll.

So, Nowhere boy can be greatly recommended to anyone anywhere, as the best known cure against the unbearable november rains and colds and all other dark forces of that month!

Down below You+ll find an interview from 1981 with the r e a l Mimi, well worth listening to.



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