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Football finals and more…

In Okategoriserade on 25 April, 2011 at 10:48

We´re just a couple of days away from the battle for the two last places in the final of UEFA´s Champions League. It´s not surprising that Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United are still in the competition but a bit more unexpected to find German squad Schalke 04 among the last remaining four teams.

1976 another unexpected team managed to go all the way to the final in the European Cup, namely AS Saint-Étienne from France. Unfortunately the French team failed to beat German top team Bayern München in the finals – but it found its way into the hearts of football loving Europeans and a well deserved place in the history books.

The French football club was founded already in 1919 and has had such football nobilities as Michel Platini, Laurent Blanc and Roger Milla on its payroll. However, the club has not only made its mark on the football ground and in the history books…

I am the first to admit to not being a great aficionado on indie dance music or house music. Eventually I did manage to open my eyes to the fabulous british trio Saint Etienne, who took its name after that very French football club.

The band was founded by former journalists Ben Stanley and Pete Wiggs and their initial idea was to engage different vocalists depending on the band´s needs. After a few assisting passes  from different vocalists, cool blonde Sarah Cracknell eventually came to be a permanent member of the band and its leading figure.

The band´s first album Foxbase Alpha was released in 1991 and thereafter six original albums, the latest Tales From The Turnpike from 2005, and several collections have been released.

It´s not difficult to trace the presence of two ex journalists in the band as its music is jam-packed with British romantic nostalgia of an innocent Britain that will never come to be again.

The band has a great web site that is well worth a visit, you can find it here. There you can get recommendations from Sarah and the crew on how to make a good life even better!

Below you´ll find video clips with two of my favourites – Mario´s Café and He´s On The Phone.



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