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Metro Jets – a Swedish powerpop gem!

In Scandinavian pop on 25 April, 2011 at 11:31

Giving recommendations always gives me a hard time. Even though you may have spotted something really worth while, you can never be sure that that certain something is understandable and visible to others.

The professional recommendator is often equipped with exclusive – or at least semi-exclusive information, to spice up his recommendations. It´s all  bit silly, don´t you think?

Anyway, many years ago I chose to ignore a recommendation, something that has been haunting me ever since. But I too was eventually overcome. That matter, regarding the ever fantastic Brainpool, will be discussed in another post.

Swedes Beagle made two brilliant albums, Sound on sound and Within, both are now considered as true powerpop classics. Due to contractual struggles, the band and its leader Magnus Börjesson took its crystal clear power pop to a new label and changed names into Favorita, Under that name the band recorded (during the ´90s) another album, that was released just some years ago. After all that was expected from Favorita – not much happened.

It´s not strange that Börjesson at any time would cross paths with fellow power pop Swedes Jens Jansson and David Birde from said Brainpool. Since 2004 they make music under the name of  Metro Jets and have released the super pop song The Morning Show that you´ll find below. Börjesson and Jansson are also members of Per Gessle´s excellent backing band.

Metro Jets may be the model for Brainpool´s imaginary rock band in its ambitious – and maybe pretentious – rock opera Junk. I won´t give any more comments on that specific subject, except concluding that the title song Junk is probably the best Clash song that Mick Jones never wrote – or sung!

Anyway, all the way from the pop university in Lund in southern Sweden to the morning show, I give you Metro Jets – plus some Junk as a bonus!


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