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Television – improving the perfect?

In Classic rock on 29 April, 2011 at 13:34

Did you feel low?

Nah, I fell into the arms of

Venus de Milo

By some reason do we seem to be dictated by numbers and figures in our daily lives – who did what, when and how? Was maybe I one among them? This strange habit is especially visible in sports but you find it among any entertainment journalist – the drive for answers where there are no real questions.

Even though I find it all a bit silly – or rather many bits too silly! – there is one thing that I keep coming back to on that very theme, namely my purchase of Television´s magnum opus Marquee Moon – the first day it was released in 1977. I might have read about the band before but most likely, I had never heard them. Still, I bought the album at a record shop, I remember it was on Oxford Street in London, and immediately could conclude that I´d run into a classic, the best effort possible by the best rock´n roll act the world so far has ever seen!

The brilliant and interactive playing by guitar players Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd to the firm and impeccable backup by Billy Ficca on drums and Fred Smith on bass in nothing short of sensational. No extras, no wrong turns – just wham-bam!, right on spot.

I will most certainly return to Television and that album in another post. I was so taken by that album that I never dared to by the follow-up, Adventure. As I understand, it´s pretty good – but what is pretty good compared to perfection?

Anyway, ever since 1977 the loveable Venus de Milo not only shines in the Louvre in Paris but also every week either on my record player, CD-player or mp3-player – ever since!

Now see for yourself!



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