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No regrets for mr Otis

In Hidden gems and others, Okategoriserade on 5 May, 2011 at 14:35

This last month, american troubadour Otis Gibbs have toured Sweden to much critical and public acclaim. I saw the concert in Ostersund – I actually even arranged it – and it was one of those rare and magical moments that I seldom experience nowadays.

When midst in the concert some people started to talk a bit too loudly, he politely asked them to be a bit quieter – and no harm was done to anyone (they were indeed too loud!). And when a local photographer tried to nail his face on film for tomorrow´s new, he politely asked the photographer to catch the moment rather than his face on picture – afterwards he even asked for the photographer´s forgiveness, had he been offended. Truly different and an absolute winner, I´d say!

Besides being a formidable guitar player and howler, he was – true to tradition – a greatly amusing story-teller.

Anyway, the concert in Stockholm was recorded by Swedish national radio and is hereby brought to you – here.

Much joy!



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