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C´mon, sisters!

In Classic pop, Okategoriserade, Scandinavian pop on 25 May, 2011 at 13:21

Our little tiny northern european country Sweden has come up with some of the best music makers since the 70s. First and most widely recognized, we all gave you ABBA and their exquisite pop music. After the break up of ABBA, we all seemed to gotten into a limbo kinda situation but was successfully saved by southern Swedes Beagle (written about in an earlier post) and the fabulous quartet Brainpool, one of the best bands this country has ever produced.

After two albums filled to the brim with energy and attitude, Soda from 1994 and Painkiller from 1995, they took off to Britain to mix their third album, Stay Free which was released the following year. The mixing was made by John Cornfield, known from his work with Supergrass, and the mixing took place in the very same studio, Sawmill Studios in southern England, where Oasis´ breakthrough success Definitely Maybe was recorded. So it was all done on classic grounds.

The album still sounds as fresh and thunderous as it did when it was released, like its predecessors. I could go on forever giving praise to this rock combo but it´s better to just let them speak, sing and play for themselves – Sister C´mon.




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