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Bright summer nights approaching?

In Classic pop, Okategoriserade on 7 June, 2011 at 17:09

All those lonely films

And all those lonely parties
But now the feeling is off-screen
An’ the tears for real not acted, anymore

Even if a sunny winter´s day in Scandinavia is hard to beat, I sometime find my thoughts straying elsewhere to those distant places where the sun always shines and the ladies are…well. The soundtrack to those thoughts is almost always the same, namely Style Council´s formidable single Long Hot Summer from 1983.

After Paul Weller wrapped up Jam with the excellent single Beat Surrender from november 1982 and instead founded Style Council together with organ player Mick Talbot, previously in mod group Merton Parkas, nothing would ever be the same again.

The duo´s first single, also from 1983, Speak Like A Child, was a solid produce but Weller soon found his ways back to funk cramp city with the follow-up Money Go Round (Part 1). At that time I lost all hope. The band´s future would also be a rocky rollercoaster ride, with some extraordinary highs and many, many deep valleys.

Their finest minutes came early with the third single, the before-mentioned Long Hot Summer, the soundtrack to my every summer daydream ever after.

Once upon a time Weller was a close to God as anyone could be, at least to me. I still remember taking the sleeve of Jam´s In The City to my hairdresser, asking her to do my soft teenage hair just like Weller´s.

The first 3-4 Jam albums are still great but sometime thereafter we kinda lost each other. Mostly by habit I´ve bought some of his solo albums and some Style Council stuff but hardly ever listened to them. I also got the impression quiet early on that he´s not a very nice person, even though my position on that issue now may have changed a bit.

Still , he has provided us with some bone fide pop stuff, with Long Hot Summer being maybe the best of the lot. Listen – and feel the summertime getting closer by the minute!



Ps. Someday when I´m old and tired enough, I promise to dive into Weller´s collected works and give it all a fair chance, without presumptions. Perhaps I then will discover something I should have noticed before and feel a bit ashamed of my sometimes biased views? Even Weller has of lately made up with his old pals from Jam and that may of course be a sign…


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