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Disney girls with a rain wish

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Patti Page and summer days
On old Cape Cod
Happy times making wine
In my garage
Country shade and lemonade

Bruce Arthur Johnston was born Benjamin Baldwin in 1942 and have served as a member in Beach Boys since 1965, when he replaced Glen Campbell (who was substituting on stage for mastermind and writer Brian Wilson). His first vocal recording with Beach Boys was the single California Girls from 1965.

However, my favourite moment of Johnston´s is the sweet and subtle Disney Girls (1957), first released on Beach Boys album Surf´s Up from 1971 and then re-recorded by Johnston in 1977 on his solo album Going Public. Surf´s Up is indeed an excellent album that is well worth a post of its own – but since this regards a specific song from the album, that post will have to wait.

Many years later, I came across ex Jellyfish  Roger Joseph Manning Jr´s equally beautiful song Wish It Would Rain, that somehow reminded me of Johnston´s magnum opus. And – there is a maybe lesser known link between Manning and Beach Boys, an interesting story in itself:

Before releasing Spilt Milk, in 1992 producer about town Don Was asked Manning and collaborator Andy Sturmer if they would meet up with him and Brian Wilson in Santa Monica. After some frosty introductions, Wilson, Manning and Sturmer joined together for some music making in a studio room. Manning began to play a simple melody on the piano that he and Sturmer had been working on the previous day. With no lyrics at that stage, he instead began to repeat a simple phrase, “Wish it would rain”, which somehow seemed to get Wilson into action, with him providing harmony vocals. Needing a bridge, and sensing that Wilson by then was all cooking, the two Jellyfishes asked him to help out. His reply was quite unexpected: “O.K., let’s insert Surfer Girl bridge here!”.

Sadly, the collaboration was never finished. Instead Manning later finalized the works on the song by himself and recorded it for his first solo album Solid State Warrior in 2006.

Much joy!



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