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The return of the Red Button!

In Classic pop, Don´t miss this, New music on 9 August, 2011 at 14:01

The fabulous Red Button has finally returned with their second album following their extraordinary debut from 2007. As was expected, we get nothing less than a great, great soundtrack to this and all other upcoming summers!

As Far As Yesterday Goes kicks off with adrenaline infused Caught in the Middle, which continues where Cruel Girl from the previous album left off – the jangly guitars and the Mersey beat are still intact!  However this new album is a lot more musically diverse, with more than a nod to Harry Nilsson´s musical landscape and the tone in Seth Swirsky´s sweet sounding album from 2010, Watercolor Day. In that respect, the band has evidently moved on, as opposed to remake their debut.

My absolute favorites of the songs are the exquisite On A Summer Day, She Grows Where She’s Planted and Genevieve but I am sure that my picks will change several times in the future – there are only excellent songs on the album!

Finally, I read somewhere that most – or maybe all? – instruments are played by Swirsky and fellow Red Button Mike Ruekberg and their playing and arranging is truly impeccable and shows both a deep understanding and love for this kind of groovy music. Swellegant I say!

Below is the excellent video with the first single from the album – On  A Summer Day.



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