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Frippertronics – like a buzzing fly at night?

In Classic rock, Don´t miss this, New music on 12 August, 2011 at 09:39

In accordance with no predictions, this summer has indeed come to be one of the best summers – ever. The sun even shines during the short rain falls and the temperature is never too high or low. Every time I get out, fresh air fills the lungs – these are indeed marvellous times!

However, we can rest assured that other days are to come; we all need a thorough reminder of those days coming up, something like an annoying fly buzzing through the bedroom late at night. And – who is the better fly than the ever excentric Robert Fripp.

Fripp is also famous for continuing and refining the old 60s pop tradition of working with tape loops,running from one tape machine to another – recorded of the one machine and played on the other. He made some interesting – and good – solo albums in the late 70s, among them Exposure from 1979 who includes a mighty version of Peter Gabriel´s Here Comes The Flood.

Even in these late days of  summer, there is ample of room for Fripp´s somewhat crazy and slightly annoying Frippertronics. Below is a clip 1979, where he presents Frippertronics.



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