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In the tall building
sit the head of our nations
Worthy men from Spain and Siam
All day discussions with the Russians
But they still went ahead
and vetoed the plan
Now up jumped the U.S. representative
He’s the one with the tired eyes

Basher or Nicholas Lowe is continuing his crusade across the globe for grown up´s music. After christmas 2011 he and his band will come to my town to show us all where it´s at! You should all be green of envy!

His old pal from Rockpile, Billy Bremner, has been a musical notoriety in Sweden for many a years. First he played guitar for the excellent Rockpile wannabees Refreshments, then he made two good solo albums over here, both well worth checking out.

Right now Bremner is busy promoting his new swedish band Trouble Boys – their new album Bad Trouble has just been released and will not disappoint anyone familiar with that old Bremner twang, with his crazy gypsy guitar licks.

While waiting for Basher or Trouble Boys to hit your very own town, check out this funny video clip from a 1978 Kenny Everett Video Show – a Rockpile studio version of So It Goes from Nick Lowe´s ever excellent Jesus Of Cool album, with that different guitar solo. And, by the way – I suppose Lowe´s lyrics are more relevant today than ever before, eh?



  1. Brilliant song and album. Thanks for this and the update on Bremner.

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