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A truly good year!

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Been listening to Eric Barao´s fantastic album all day long. Made me realise that this is gonna be one great, great year – starting today, if not earlier!

The soundtrack to another great year, is this fab Grays song Very Best Years, below in a rarely seen video.

So let´s all cheer for the summer of 2013!



Adam Schlesinger podcast interview

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Here´s a brand new WTF podcast interview by Mark Maron with power pop renaissance man Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne and Tinted Windows fame – as well as the winner of Emmy, Grammy and ASCAP Pop Music awards nominee for Oscar, Tony, and Golden Globe awards!


Pet sounds revisited

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When Pet Sounds was released in May 1966, Beach Boys had already released ten previous albums. Still, no one of the gave a real hint of what was to come.

The background story is history by now. Brian Wilson quit touring with the band in order to concentrate on writing and recording. He was helped out by advertising copywriter Tony Asher, whom he not worked with before.

Asher has described the couple´s co-working methods: “The general tenor of the lyrics was often Brian’s, however the actual choice of words was usually mine. I was really just his interpreter.” In the end the two co-wrote eight songs on the album. The musicians assembled for the recordings consisted of the famous Wrecking Crew, though it´s now debated whether they actually were called that at the times. In any case, they all had vast experience from working with big names such as Phil Spector and the creation of his walls of sounds.

Below is a link to a BBC revisit to the album – fab!



Much better than being worst

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1974 was a great year for pop music and the pop song. It was the year of Seasons In The Sun by Terry Jacks, Benny And The Jets by Elton John and the marvellous When Will I See You Again by the Three Degrees, one of my all time favourites. But it was also the year when 10cc released their second album Sheet Music, an album that is a very evident leap forward compared to their self titled debut album from the previous year.

Sheet music was recorded at Strawberry Recording Studios in Stockport Cheshire, simultaneously with Mike McGear´s album McGear, produced by his well known brother Paul McCartney and the same drum kit was actually used for both recordings.

Billboard concluded that the album had “some of the most innovative vocal techniques and instrumental arrangements around” and that is maybe most evident from the first single, the stiff but equally marvellous The Worst Band In The World. It´s fabulous to see how the band uses small, small means to create great and stunning effects – just listen to those bass lines!

Even though the single was a great failure, it´s one of the 10cc songs that has best stood the test of time. And those flares…


Taking it easy

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One of my all time favourite songs is Take It Easy by  Eagles , elegantly written by Jackson Browne And Glenn Frey. It´s all quality, from the jangly guitars in the beginning to the silky vocals later on.

I can fully understand why Eagles today often are mentioned with contempt – their later output is often too cheesy and speculative. But had they only recorded one or two albums, they would be looked upon as mere gods by now. I tried to give Gram Parsons yet another chance the other day but – no, his music doesn´t do anything to me. Early Eagles, on the other hand, now that´s something else.

The recording below is from Central Park in 1972 – even though the screen is dark for a while in the beginning, your wait will be rewarded. Splendid!


Well, there´s rock and there´s…ROCK!

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In the midst of Wilco´s health issues, let´s again get excited by the most exciting guitar player ever. In the clip, Wilco guests american poodle rocker Joe Ely and his slick crew, who try to rock it away – their way. But then comes Wilco…It doesn´t take a rocket scientist to decide who comes out on top!

The clip also reminds us all of all the fun Wilco generously has provided us with through the years.



Strawberries & chocolates – The Tor Guides are back!

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In 2007 Tor Guides released their first album Honeybees & Tangerines. During the years that have passed since then, the TGs have been busy finding a new sound and making and recording new music.

Finally in the summer of 2011, a new album was eventually recorded and that new album, Strawberries & Chocolates is now to be relesed in March 2012.

Here´s a preview of the album – Hooray For Loving.


Not just the quiet one

In Classic pop, Don´t miss this on 1 December, 2011 at 17:03

Sunrise doesn’t last all morning
A cloudburst doesn’t last all day
Seems my love is up and has left you with no warning
It’s not always going to be this grey
All things must pass
All things must pass away
There are many different ways to appreciate good music. Many prefer experiencing the artists and musicians in live performances, “being there” when it actually happens, whereas others are more comfortable in the sofa, enjoying the rich sounds of a vinyl record. Myself, I have acquired a special taste for the DVD portraits – maybe I´m too old to watch music live?
The other day I saw Martin Scorsese´s excellent portrait of the quiet beatle, George Harrison – Living In The Material World. If you´re only slightly interested in Beatles or 60s pop culture in general, the film is an absolute must!
Scorsese´s film is a distant relative to Peter Bogdanovich´s equally excellent career-spanning portrait of Harrison´s fellow compadre  Tom Petty from 2007, Running Down A Dream. In that film Bogdanovich lets Petty lead us through his whole career, all blended with the finest of music! In both of those films, the focus is on the artists – and the reporting film maker is only indirectly to be seen.
Harrison, by the way, could also have been qualified as “The Funny Beatle” or “The Contemplative Beatle” – there are so many sides to Harrison besides him being just quiet…The is for example a hilarious clip in the extras, where Harrison interviews friend and racing ace Damon Hill – that clip is in itself worth the price!
Of course Scorsese was somewhat limited by having the object of his film only indirectly present for “new” comments. On the other hand, he had access to private movies from the Harrison home that previously haven´t been seen.
The new interviews with Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton – and many more – also lights some aspects of  Beatles that at least weren´t known to me. In a new interview Ringo claims that “if it wasn´t for Paul we wouldn´t have made as many records” and continues to describe how McCartney called him and John Lennon to have them return to the studio for recordings. The descriptions of his drug abuse and the not always sunny relation to his wife Olivia seem credible, although maybe not flattering to Harrison.
The film is indeed long, longer than three hours, but no one who is interested in such an artist portrait will hesitate a bit due to that fact. My recommendation is simple – Buy. And watch!
Below is a great clip with Paul McCartney, playing Harrison´s – in my opinion – best song All Things Must Pass.

So it goes!

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In the tall building
sit the head of our nations
Worthy men from Spain and Siam
All day discussions with the Russians
But they still went ahead
and vetoed the plan
Now up jumped the U.S. representative
He’s the one with the tired eyes

Basher or Nicholas Lowe is continuing his crusade across the globe for grown up´s music. After christmas 2011 he and his band will come to my town to show us all where it´s at! You should all be green of envy!

His old pal from Rockpile, Billy Bremner, has been a musical notoriety in Sweden for many a years. First he played guitar for the excellent Rockpile wannabees Refreshments, then he made two good solo albums over here, both well worth checking out.

Right now Bremner is busy promoting his new swedish band Trouble Boys – their new album Bad Trouble has just been released and will not disappoint anyone familiar with that old Bremner twang, with his crazy gypsy guitar licks.

While waiting for Basher or Trouble Boys to hit your very own town, check out this funny video clip from a 1978 Kenny Everett Video Show – a Rockpile studio version of So It Goes from Nick Lowe´s ever excellent Jesus Of Cool album, with that different guitar solo. And, by the way – I suppose Lowe´s lyrics are more relevant today than ever before, eh?



Frippertronics – like a buzzing fly at night?

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In accordance with no predictions, this summer has indeed come to be one of the best summers – ever. The sun even shines during the short rain falls and the temperature is never too high or low. Every time I get out, fresh air fills the lungs – these are indeed marvellous times!

However, we can rest assured that other days are to come; we all need a thorough reminder of those days coming up, something like an annoying fly buzzing through the bedroom late at night. And – who is the better fly than the ever excentric Robert Fripp.

Fripp is also famous for continuing and refining the old 60s pop tradition of working with tape loops,running from one tape machine to another – recorded of the one machine and played on the other. He made some interesting – and good – solo albums in the late 70s, among them Exposure from 1979 who includes a mighty version of Peter Gabriel´s Here Comes The Flood.

Even in these late days of  summer, there is ample of room for Fripp´s somewhat crazy and slightly annoying Frippertronics. Below is a clip 1979, where he presents Frippertronics.